(L-R) Delano Seiveright, His Excellency Robert Ready – Canadian High Commissioner to Jamaica; Dr. Henry Lowe – Executive Chairman, EHF Group; Her Excellency Mrs. Ready (High Commissioner’s wife) and Dr. Andrew Wheatley, MP, St. Catherine South Central

EHF CEO Novlet A. Deans (3rd left) holds EHF’s CVSS Award while surrounded by the staff of EHF

EHF CEO Novlet A. Deans accepts the CVSS Hall of Fame and Volunteerism Award 2014 for a Non-Profit Organization, on behalf of EHF, from CVSS President, Her Excellency Lady Rheima Hall

(L-R) Blondel Shirley and Nicola Shirley-Phillips (Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage); Stephen Ming - Spartan Health Club; Deika Morrison - Crayons Count; Carmen Lynch - Spartan Health Club; Novlet Deans - Director and CEO, EHF Group

Lannaman's Preparatory - Winners of the Wellness Drama Competition 2014 (Primary Category)

Nestle representatives conducting a meal presentation at a Nutrition workshop during EHF's 8th Annual Wellness Week

Prof. the Hon. Henry Lowe (left) presents a copy of his autobiography It Can Be Done to Prof. Rosalea Hamilton. They are joined by Prof. Errol Morrison, President of UTech.

Visiting the farmers of Cedar Valley

Donation of tank to Cedar Valley Schools

Climate Change Project Beneficiry - Beverly Taffe (Cedar Valley farmer)

Climate Change Project Beneficiry - Kirk Walker (Cedar Valley farmer)

CWCI Wellness Project

M & E Elletson Road

The wellness alphabet book

EHF's Project Manager, Latoya Aquart-Foster, visits the Sylvia Foote Basic School

Basic School student tells of the importance of drinking water at EHF's Children's Wellness Fair

Example Frame

Wellness Tips

What is Wellness?

Wellness is simply a state of wellbeing. As defined by the National Wellness Institute (USA), "Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence".