Eden Gardens Wellness & Lifestyle Limited

Eden GardensEden Gardens Wellness & Lifestyle Limited is the company that manages Eden Gardens: a Wellness & Lifestyle facility nestled in the "Golden Triangle," located less than ten (10) minutes from the central business district in Kingston, Jamaica.  Eden Gardens commenced operations in 2002, with three distinct lines of businesses:

  1. Wellness and Lifestyle Services
    • Facilitates and hosts a range of professional wellness and lifestyle services that cater to health conscious individuals and businesses seeking to improve mental, physical and spiritual health to enhance the quality of their lives/workplaces. Services include a therapeutic spa, fitness club, health food restaurant with a salad, juice and smoothie bar, nutrition centre, and lifestyle therapies such as massage therapy, reflexology, yoga, and activities for stress management - all are resident on the property.
  2. Accommodation
    • Offers eighteen serviced apartments with a range of self catering options.
  3. Events and Banqueting
    • Offers five (5) meeting/conference rooms that host a range of events that promote and facilitate wellness and corporate activities.