DBJ Provides $6.9 Million For Development Project In Parade Gardens

Through invitation from the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), the implementing agency for the GoJ's Community Renewal Programme (CRP), the Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) is commencing a new project entitled 'Empowering Parade Gardens, Kingston Through Renewable Energy Skills Training'. The project which is funded by the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) and EHF, and implemented by EHF, aims to build the community’s capacity for climate change mitigation as well as complement climate change adaptation strategies and improve the residents’ employability. This will be done by installing renewable energy (solar) and energy efficient technologies at the community centre that will significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, and lessen national dependency on imported oil. The project will also provide certified skills training to thirty (30) residents of the community with specific focus on youths. Of the thirty (30), ten (10) will be trained in Renewable Energy Technologies, focusing on solar PV system installation, operation and maintenance; ten (10) in Food Preparation, levels 1 and 2 (an already established livelihood in the community); and ten (10) to receive Driving Lessons, toward securing a general driver’s licence - a pre-requisite for many employment opportunities. The Renewable Energy training will be done in collaboration with the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) while the Food Preparation training will be conducted by Heart Trust/NTA. Additionally, behaviour change workshops and training sessions (non-certified) will be held with the wider community on renewable energy, energy efficiency, career development and entrepreneurship. 

The project will facilitate the formulation of strategic partnerships with public and private sector agencies to ensure the success of the programme. The organizations forming the Project Steering Committee are the Parade Gardens Community Development Committee (Programme Coordinators on this project), Caribbean Maritime Institute, Planning Institute of Jamaica, H.E.A.R.T Trust NTA, Citizens Security & Justice Programme, Social Development Commission and EHF. 

See below media release from the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) highlighting the recently held MOU Signing Ceremony between EHF and DBJ.