Board of Trustees

The governing authority of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees. The Board has seven (7) members that decide upon the activities to be carried out by the Foundation. It also supervises these activities and ensures that they are executed according to currently acceptable ethical and technical standards. The main responsibilities of the Board are:

  • Organizational governance
  • Policy
  • Community interaction, and
  • Growth and Vision.

The Board of EHF holds Meetings at least four times per annum. There is an Executive Committee and an Audit Committee of the Board, which perform duties as delegated by the Board. Each year the Foundation is audited by an international audit firm – Price Waterhouse Coopers, which has been the auditors for over the past ten (10) years.

The Board of Trustees, as of January 1, 2013 , are:

Dr Lowe

Prof. the Hon. Henry I.C. Lowe, O.J., C.D., J.P., Ph. D., F.R.S.H.


Emor Pic Email Small

Professor the Hon Errol Morrison


Janet Lowe

Mrs. Janet Lowe


Mr. Oral Shaw


Cliff Riley Image 1 Email Small

Dr. Cliff Riley