How We Function & Mechanisms

The EHF has the mechanisms to direct grants and grant income as designated by the donor. Our grant-seeking activities support projects in research, public awareness and education, institutional strengthening, seminars, conferences and workshops, capacity building and training programmes, and technical assistance.

The Foundation's Board of Directors is committed to doing everything possible to ensure a steady flow of funds to activities designated by the donor. Staff members work with donors to identify the areas of interest they wish to support. For example, for designated funds, a formal Grant Contract, signed by the donor and the Foundation, is created to guide the use of the grant. Investing and accounting for the funds entrusted to the Foundation's care is a major responsibility of the board of trustees which oversees the following functions:

  • To meet regularly with professional advisers to review investment policies and returns.
  • To plan and manage the budget dedicated to the internal operations of the Foundation, and for reviewing the financial statements of the Foundation.
  • To work with external auditors to ensure the proper recording, accounting and reporting of Foundation assets. Annual audits include a review of financial statements and of Foundation management policies and procedures.