EHF/University of Technology (UTECH) Student Leadership and School Mentorship Programmes (2006-2010)

Ehf Utech Ehf Project Manager Latoya Aquart Mentee Of The Programme
Above: (EHF-UTECH) EHF Project Manager Latoya Aquart (right) poses with a mentee of the programme

This project consisted of two elements - The Student Leadership Programme and the Student Mentorship programme. The Student Leadership programme was designed to develop elected student leaders and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to disseminate leadership skills to their peers. The Mentorship programme sought to assist in the positive development of forty (40) high school students through mentorship by university students. EHF provided majority funding to the project, with cost share contributions from UTech.






The following were some of the achievement of the project:

  • Student Leadership
    • The students were equipped with the skills and knowledge and demonstrated confidence and desire to work in the community;
    • Student leaders learned the importance to build interpersonal relationship skills and demonstrated knowledge in conflict resolution;
    • Self-fulfilment and contribution to social change in our communities.
  • High School Mentorship
    • A final year student mentor was offered employment in a leadership position based on his participation in the mentoring programme;
    • Two high school students who benefitted from this programme have been placed on the school’s  Honour Role;
    • A testimonial done by a student who also benefitted from the programme noted that his life of gang affiliated activities has been transformed to one of hope, ambition and positive development.  This he attributed to the Mentoring Programme.
    • Student leaders began to recognize the development of interpersonal relationships among the high school students. They began to demonstrate a more caring attitude towards each other.