"The Environmental Health Foundation is a shining example of an organization that is truly enhancing the quality of people's lives, as evidenced by its successful programmes. Since its inception in 1992, the Foundation has displayed outstanding leadership and community service and through the astute management of resources has gained the trust and admiration of not just the United Way of Jamaica, but all international and national donors that have had the opportunity to work with the Foundation." - Mr. Alvaro Casserly, Chairman, United Way of Jamaica


The Health Programme promotes the health and well-being of the Jamaican people and strengthens disadvantaged communities by focusing on health care, health services and health research. The economic impact of wellness within a population is of vital importance...
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The Education Programme supports projects that help disadvantaged children, particularly those aged between 0-8 years, to gain and improve knowledge and skills to reach economic self-sufficiency...
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The Environment Programme supports strategies that protect and preserve the environment and help people live healthy and productive lives.
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Science & Technology

The Science & Technology Programme supports innovation and knowledge generation as a catalyst to stimulate socio-economic activities that will result in improving and sustaining the quality of life.
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