The EHF/NHF Children’s Wellness Culture Initiative (CWCI)

Through funding support received from the National Health Fund (NHF), EHF designed and implemented this project over the period 2010-2011. The project aimed to create a culture of wellness and positive lifestyles in Jamaica through basic school children. The Wellness Alphabet Book, created by EHF, was used as the main tool in bringing about awareness of healthy and positive lifestyles.

Ten (10) infant and basic schools in Kingston were provided with a total of one thousand (1,000) Wellness Alphabet Books and twenty (20) Teachers Guides, to be used in the project. EHF then hosted an educational workshop, where teachers from these schools were trained on effective methods of delivering the wellness material to their students.

The participating schools were:

  • Central Branch Infant
  • All Saints Infant
  • Allman Town Infant
  • Sylvia Foote Basic
  • Torrington United Basic
  • Alpha Infant
  • St. Josephs Infant
  • Elleston Road Infant
  • Holy Family Primary & Infant
  • St. Francis Primary & Infant

During project implementation, the following activities were carried out:

  • Developed methodologies and approaches around utilizing the Wellness Alphabet Books around the target audience (basic school students)
  • Mobilized “wellness Ambassador” to supervise implementation at schools
  • Prepared children for “Wellness Education Day” (demonstration component)

After project implementation, the children displayed their knowledge of wellness through:

  • Booth displays: Children displayed the wellness related pictures, drawings and collages they created during the implementation component of the project
  • Performing Arts Showcase Children used dance, music, poem, choral speech, etc. to demonstrate the various themes and concepts that they learnt in the wellness programme.

Grand Wellness Fair

M E Elletson Road


Zoo Trip

Based on an evaluation of the project, as well as activities carried out during the demonstration component, it was evident that the project succeeded in creating awareness of wellness and positive lifestyles at the early childhood level. It is expected that with similar targeted effort and interventions, an increased number of Jamaicans will begin to practice and maintain positive lifestyles for better health and enhanced quality of life.