“Over the past seventeen (17) years the programmes of the Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) have emphasized the link between our health and the environment, educated communities about the implications of hazardous waste, and promoted wellness and healthy lifestyles, especially for our children. The results of its various research projects are valuable in informing policy decisions on the management of Jamaica 's unique biodiversity.

The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica is proud of its involvement in one of the earlier projects undertaken by the EHF. We endorse their initiatives in recognition of the fact that the preservation and management of our environment is a collective responsibility. We look forward to opportunities for partnership as we strive to protect our environment and improve the development of Jamaica 's children.” - Mr. James Rawle, Board Chairman, Environmental Foundation of Jamaica

The Environment Programme supports strategies that protect and preserve the environment and help people live healthy and productive lives.

The Foundation recognizes that there is an urgent need to preserve the best remaining examples of Jamaica 's natural heritage and the ecosystems which support its rich biodiversity, as well as the activities which enhance sustainable livelihoods. It is becoming harder and harder to care for or restore the agricultural resource base, to find alternatives to deforestation, to prevent desertification, to control erosion and to replenish soil nutrients. Key environmental issues include: Heavy rates of deforestation; coastal waters polluted by industrial waste, sewage, and oil spills; damage to coral reefs and loss of biodiversity.

Over the last decade the Foundation has undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at the proper management, conservation and protection of the natural resources in the pursuit of sustainable development.

Projects & Programmes

EHF/USAID Climate Change Project-Cedar Valley, St. Thomas

EHF/UWI Lead Poison Research

Organizations, individuals, projects and programmes we have supported in environment