Funding Guidelines

I. Overview & Objectives

In keeping with its mission to identify and implement projects that assist the sustainable development of Jamaica in the areas of Health, Environment, Education and Science & Technology, the Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) partners with donors to source the funding resources it needs in fulfilling its mandate to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

II. Grant seeking – How to Apply for a Grant

Applications for grants are assessed on a needs basis, as limited resources are available to support designated programmes.  Accordingly, the Foundation will invite non-profit organizations and individuals to apply for grants as it deems fit.

EHF makes grants through invitational programmes or through projects that it proactively develops with not-for-profit organizations, research and development institutions, and creative individuals.  The Foundation’s funds are targeted toward specific projects that are aligned with its vision, mission and project programme guidelines, in the areas of:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Science & Technology

III. Types of Grants

EHF provides small and emergency grants, and project grants. The maximum amount of a small and emergency grant is J$200,000 or US$ equivalent, while project grants are for amounts in excess of J$200,000 or US$ equivalent.

IV. Small and Emergency Grants

Letters of inquiry are accepted at anytime for small and emergency grants, such as illness and disease control, which the Foundation awards from time to time.  These small and emergency grants fit within the Foundation’s mandate.

Evaluation and Approval

The Foundation reviews these requests/proposals and makes awards from time to time.  Proposals are reviewed by the Foundation’s management team and a recommendation is submitted to the Executive Chairman or his nominee for approval.

V. Project Grants

Proposals for project grants are recommended by the Foundation’s management and are reviewed and voted on by the Board of Trustees that meets at least four times each year.

Evaluation of Grant Proposals

EHF will give prompt consideration to all proposals submitted.  The review may take up to three months to complete and grants are awarded if the proposals align with the Foundation’s mandate, strategic priorities and available resources.

VI. Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating grant proposals, the Foundation seeks to partner with organizations and individuals in a manner that maximizes the return on the resources pledged, thereby nurturing the development of a healthy, educated and self-sustaining, and civic-minded society.  To this end, we give highest priority for consideration and funding to proposals, which we evaluate as having the potential to provide maximum benefits and, include a comprehensive metrics by which the proposal can be measured.

The following table outlines the criteria that the Foundation uses to evaluate grant proposals.

Grant Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Criteria Components of Criteria
1) Significant health, education, environment or science & technology problem
  1. Problem affects large number of lives
  2. Problem has severe effect on the lives of individuals and communities
  3. Latent demand exists for potential solutions to problem
  4. Significant unmet need exists due to:
    1. Gap between current and required funding
    2. Need for innovative approaches and solutions
2) Innovative approach with potential for broad impact
  1. Innovative solution that creates opportunity for significant impact beyond direct benefits of EHF-funded activities through:
    1. Scalability of programme.
    2. Replication of programme for other organizations
    3. Ability to catalyze behaviour of other key agents or partners to achieve synergistic and phenomenal impacts
3) Path to sustainability (i) Path to financial and organizational sustainability (income stream; enhanced management expertise/capacity)
Grant Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Criteria Components of Criteria
4) Outstanding leadership (i) Competent leader and/or management team with passion, expertise, network, ethical approach and tract report in the relevant area
5) Alignment with EHF’s goals, mission and values
  1. Meets basic criteria, guidelines, requirements
  2. Leverages EHF’s and the local community’s resources and assets
  3. Replicable, scalable, transformative – beyond direct beneficiaries
  4. EHF value-added: problem, organization, and solution can leverage EHF’s resources for unique, transformative and phenomenal impacts
6) Measurability
  1. Organization can clearly articulate the planned impact of the proposal/ project
  2. Specific metrics can be defined and utilized to measure progress toward accomplishment of objectives.

VII. Grant Approval

In all cases, EHF reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to approve or reject any proposal for funding.

VIII. Contact Source

For additional information or clarification on the Foundation’s funding guidelines, please contact EHF’s Project Management Office at (876) 927-3040 or email: