Annual Wellness & Lifestyle Promotion (Wellness Week)

This annual Promotion, spearheaded and hosted by EHF, seeks to promote wellness and healthy, positive lifestyles among Jamaicans. The series of events include wellness seminars, nutrition and fitness workshops, as well as a Grand Wellness & Lifestyle Awards Ceremony & Dinner, which honours organizations and individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in promoting healthy lifestyles.

EHF ensures that the Promotion targets a wide cross-section of Jamaicans, and so, each event is designed with a particular group in mind. For instance, wellness seminars are held which cater to primary and secondary school students, while lectures and workshops are conducted for parents and other adults.

Since its inaugural staging in 2005, this Promotion has become an event that students, parents and corporate entities across Jamaica look forward to attending and supporting. Its success over the years can be attributed to EHF’s keen understanding of the issues that need to be addressed in the health and wellness arena, and EHF’s partners who contribute their knowledge and expertise in bringing about awareness of chronic illnesses and appropriate preventative measures to reduce the risks of acquiring them. The end result is a healthier nation with persons who enjoy enhanced quality of life based on practicing wellness and positive, healthy lifestyles.

Highlights from EHF's 11th Annual Wellness & Lifestyle Promotion 2015