EHF Brings Smiles and Security to Penrith Basic School

Penrith Basic School recently received improvements to their physical security and play areas following interventions from   Environmental Health Foundation (EHF), the not-for-profit local organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of people’s lives through educational and health based projects and programmes, as well as science & technology initiatives. EHF’s ability to fulfill the needs of the nation’s most vulnerable has once again proven why it is one of Jamaica’s leading social-outreach organizations.

EHF, through its support and contribution to Early Childhood Development, protracted its focus to Penrith Basic School located at 14 Penrith Road, Kingston 5 (Cross Road’s area). Prior to EHF’s intervention, Penrith Basic School lacked a number of security features mandatory for the safety of the students and staff. Assessment of the school’s facilities revealed that the following works urgently needed to be undertaken:

i)  Erection of a permanent parameter fence around the school’s premises

ii) Rehabilitation of children’s play area

iii) Pavement of school’s walkway

iv) Replacement of pest-infested classroom door

v) Installation of new louvers for the classroom windows

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The EHF’s Basic School Project Committee realized that the situations faced by Penrith Basic School falls within its mandate to “select schools in depressed neighborhoods and create a learning environment that will inspire, challenge and prepare children to be achievers”. EHF’s involvement solidified its efforts “to improve the health and educational status of children aged 2 – 6 years and the quality of the environment in which they learn.”

Having received the well needed upgrades, the school’s administration and children were exceedingly pleased and expressed sincere appreciation for the donations. 

EHF was pleased to carry out this and other social outreach projects and programmes, in fulfillment of its mandate of “enhancing the quality of people’s lives”.