EHF/UTech Student Leaders and High School Mentorship Programme

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UTech Student Leaders Providing Mentorship to High School Students


Dr. Elaine Wallace, University Registrar (right) welcomes high school students, teachers and guidance counsellors in attendance at the launch of the UTech High School Mentoring Programme held on Thursday, January 15, 2015 at UTech’s Papine campus. 

The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) with support from the Environmental Health Fund (EHF) on Thursday, January 15, 2015 launched a High School Mentoring programme for the benefit of high school students in proximity to the University’s Papine campus. In attendance at the launch ceremony held at the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), were students from Jamaica College, Papine High School and Mona High.




In her welcome, Dr. Elaine Wallace, University Registrar thanked the Environmental Health Fund for its funding support, noting that the programme will provide guidance to students that will stimulate change in society. “We see this as a service to the community and to our country and it is a service of which we are very proud.”  Dr. Wallace noted that the programme had now been extended beyond the Papine and Mona communities to include students from Campion College and Ardenne High School who will also benefit from the UTech Mentorship programme.

Mrs. Dorrset Gabbidon-Pottinger, Assistant Registrar, Student Services, elaborated on the groundwork that was laid for the programme in 2007 by the EHF. As the partnership between UTech and the EHF yielded positive results, the decision was made to continue the programme in 2015.   The Assistant Registrar said that the programme would now be more geared at improving students’ academic performance up to the CSEC level. The students will participate in the programme for three (3) years and new mentors will be assigned on an annual basis from the pool of UTech student leaders.

The Assistant Registrar further explained that the High School Mentoring programme seeks to provide positive role models for high school students, encourage them to develop more positive attitudes and introduce them to UTech’s Core Values in an effort to inspire them to pursue tertiary level-educational opportunities. Twenty-three (23) students from UTech’s colleges and faculties are currently serving as mentors. Approximately fifty-four  (54) high school students will benefit from the programme.

Ms. Marja Francis, EHF representative, in her remarks said that UTech’s Core Values are synonymous with the Foundation’s mission. “The EHF’s mission is to identify and implement programmes for sustainable development in Jamaica in the areas of Environment, Health, Science and Technology, which makes this partnership ideal,” she said.  Ms. Francis expressed hope that this programme will help to stem some of the challenges youths in Jamaica currently face. She encouraged the mentors not to take their responsibility lightly, but to be committed to their duties. She implored the mentees to develop an attitude of critical thinking, accountability and excellence, which are essential to their development.

Mr. Christopher Wilson, student, Faculty of Science and Sport (FOSS) spoke on behalf of the student mentors.  He encouraged mentees to follow their dreams and learn from the failures they may encounter in life.

In expressing his appreciation, Mr. Alstead Saunders, student, Jamaica College representing his fellow students said, “we see this as a valuable and great opportunity and we would like to use it wisely.” 


Ms. Marja Francis (right), Project Officer, EHF poses with a happy mentor-mentee team from left, Ornella Walker, College of Health Sciences student and Tahjei Thompson, Jamaica College student.       

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January 22, 2015

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