Taking the Heat off Arnold Road

One of Environmental Health Foundation’s (EHF) key areas of focus is early childhood development, particularly through support to Jamaica’s basic schools. Through the charitable initiative of the Optimist Club of Kingston Central, EHF was asked to provide needed assistance to the Arnold Road Basic School, situated in the Cross Roads area.

Upon visiting the school, the EHF team experienced firsthand the heat radiating from the zinc roof, which pierced the occupants in the classrooms making teaching and learning a challenge. The windows, fans and ventilation offered very little cooling to offset the heat, thereby created an oven-like experience. This prompted EHF to make commitments to assist with the installation of a ceiling which would make the classrooms cooler and better conducive for learning.  

Through the various donations received, including that from EHF, the Optimist Club of Kingston Central and the staff at Arnold Road Basic were able to have the ceiling installed during the 2014 Christmas term break. Though the donations were not enough to complete the job, the hardware company, Electroplating Specialists Limited committed to supply in full, materials and labour to complete the installation and to collect outstanding balance when the school is able to raise the additional funds.

EHF and the Optimist Club visited in January 2015 and were pleased at the results of the work done. The principal and teachers have expressed their gratitude for the now enhanced teaching and learning environment. EHF – ‘Enhancing the Quality of People’s Lives’.





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