The Schools Wellness Club (SWC) has been developed to assist students and their families to meet their physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual, mental and health needs. In so doing, the SWC aims to contribute to the well-being of school staff, the creation of healthy school environments and the maximization of school achievement through increased awareness of wholesome health practices, knowledge expansion and prudent financial management. The Schools Wellness Club mobilizes the resources of home, school and community through the following components:

  • Health and Financial Education
  • Parent/Community Involvement
  • Practical, Physical and Educational Activity
  • Financial and Health Promotion for Teachers
  • Career, Financial and Well-Being Seminars for students, teachers and parents

The philosophy of the SWC is "Future Leaders Actively Engage In Wellness" and is the driving force behind this initiative.

Renewed, Re-focused, Re-energised

The members of the SWC will be responsible for developing and implementing activities in their schools and communities relating to the topics of community and environment, health promotion and wellness, financial and wealth creation, fitness and sports and creative and artistic development. In addition, they are required to participate in the Environmental Health Foundation’s annual Wellness and Lifestyle promotions and events; competitions and scheduled presentations/talks throughout the year. Clubs are encouraged to initiate at least one major activity each term in the above-mentioned areas.


  • Productions – drama, dance and music.
  • Exhibitions – health, diet and exercise.
  • Special Projects – Environmental, Humanitarian (Adopt areas for cleaning; adopt animal(s), plant and care for tree(s) and vegetable garden, adopt a children’s home or care for the elderly in their community.
  • Venture Capital – Start small businesses and donate proceeds to school development or charity.