Juno Gayle

Juno GayleJuno Gayle is a highly skilled executive with extensive background in and knowledge of education policies, negotiations, community mobilization and conflict resolution. He served as President Elect (1995-1996) and President (1996-1997) of the Jamaica Teachers' Association, where he was the chief negotiator for twenty-one thousand teachers island-wide. He presided as Principal of the Giddy Hall All-Age School from 1984-1989, and Principal of the Lewisville High School from 1989-2000. Since 2000, he has effectively filled the position of Regional Officer at the Jamaica Teachers' Association where he is responsible for the protection of the jobs of six thousand teachers in the Clarendon, St. Elizabeth and Manchester division. He also represents the Association locally and internationally on education policy. 

Mr. Gayle is experienced in conducting Professional & Educational seminars, and also brings to the EHF Board exceptional organizational and analytical managerial skills. He holds a B.Ed from the University of the West Indies (Mona) and an M.Sc from Nova South Eastern University.